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Let’s start with ‘Why’

Hi, I’m Rafal Bergman. I’m a tech entrepreneur who built and sold several software businesses (and created high-performing teams & technology stacks that backed them) and a CTO with many years of experience in developing successful technology products and services.

I created this site because technology is the biggest leverage for success, and yet building new tech is fraught with difficulty. Many entrepreneurs, founders & corporate leaders struggle with it, due to inherent complexities that are hard to navigate without sufficient experience, support & guidance.

And I believe that everyone deserves to achieve success and to have the support they need to get there. My aim is to help you with unfiltered CTO knowledge & my CTO services to maximize the chance, and scale, of your technology & business wins.

When I was young I thought that excellent business analysis & software engineering were all you needed to develop great tech. But over the years I realised that tech is only part of the equation and projects often fail due to inadequate Leadership.

This is why I spent years learning effective leadership, and created a more balanced approach which I called the CTO Zen method. In my definition, CTO Zen is the state of optimal performance found at the intersection of excellence in Technology and Leadership.

And here’s the ‘How’

On these pages I am sharing my experience, knowledge and methods with complete honesty, without holding anything back. I hope that it will help you on your journey, and please feel free to Get in Touch if you want to explore any topic – including your specific situation – in more depth. Alternatively, go ahead and check out my CTO Services or learn more About me. And have no doubts, you too can achieve success with technology 👍.

Enjoy, and good luck with your endeavors!

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I paid my dues over two decades of corporate R&D and tech entrepreneurship, learning what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes.

Contact me today to see how your plans can be accelerated and safeguarded against risk & uncertainty with my unique perspective, knowledge and award-winning and CTO services.

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Here are some articles I wrote to share my CTO knowledge and perspective on AI, tech, software engineering, business & leadership. I’m writing new content all the time (just sometimes struggle to find the time to publish it quickly) – so stay tuned for more!

Navigating uncertainty is the most important role and responsibility of a CTO

The most important skill (in business & life)

Some skills are key to your success. Emotional intelligence, leadership, empathy, influence, storytelling, analytical skills, learning & growth-mindset, public speaking, fundraising, recruitment are amongst those. But in modern times, characterized by constant change, one skill stands out as the most important of all.
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