Generative AI vs human brilliance. Who wins?

Generative AI is already impressive, and we are just seeing a beginning of something that will inevitably get better (and fast). But can it replace human brilliance? No. Not a chance.

The technological and scientific progress is fueled by a relatively few thinkers who explore a small number of rare, unique insights, or Eureka moments, that are mostly outliers in the normally self-repeating, boring and mundane thinking process.

Generative AI is not capable of this level of thinking (or however we call its internal process). It is capable of performing a growing range of tasks at an average / mediocre level. This is because it works by regurgitating existing body of knowledge created previously by humans. Inspired breakthroughs do not get created like this. Generative AI epitomizes self-referencing, repetitive and mundane thinking, without the capacity for the Eureka moments.

The question is will it replace humans in some jobs? And, for better or worse, the answer is yes. This is because its connectivity, speed and low cost of operations are definitive advantages, and many jobs require only average level thinking. Let’s hope that this frees, and motivates, people to move to jobs that require more skill and capacity for original thought.

Real breakthroughs will happen and will be enabled by generative AI, but only when working in cooperation with inspired humans who can use these new tools to elevate their thinking onto an even higher level.

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