Win-win for a win. Turbocharge your success by embracing system thinking

Paradoxically, success is difficult if we focus only on our small self-centred perspective. To achieve real success we need to think bigger – from the perspective of a system – and embrace the needs of its other participants (other people), as well as our own.

Create value with system thinking

Unless we are fortunate to be born into money – in which case we might still feel miserable without a feeling that we contribute something to the society –  how much we are earning is a direct reflection of the value we create for others. 

And looking only at our own wants and needs, and on the immediate short-term benefit that we can extract from someone else, does not allow us to create as much of it as we could if we embraced a wider perspective. 

Society consists of many actors who create and exchange value via complex and dynamic networks of connections between individuals and groups or organisations. This is a system of systems that we live in. 

To be truly successful, we need to see how different participants in this complex system interact, what they seek, want and need, and how we can give it to them in spades. 

Endless ways of creating value

There is no shortage of ways of benefiting others. We can support their pursuits, help them work more efficiently to achieve their dreams, entertain or amuse them, create joy or find ways to make them feel better or minimise their suffering. This and more can be done in countless ways at many different levels in the system.

There are many things that people know about and want or need. There are also endless things that can be done that have not yet been invented or brought to popular attention. There will never be a shortage of ways that you can choose to add value to the system. 

The choice of how you decide to do this is yours, and depends on your situation, skills, capabilities and interests. But in many ways this choice is secondary to the more important decision that we all should make (or else we will continue to operate in a sub-optimal default mode). Decision that determines our prospects to the greatest degree.

The most important decision

The most important question you can ask yourself is this: Do you want to focus on yourself and live from the small ego perspective of fear, or do you decide to live with courage and generosity? 

If you remain small-minded and self-centred, you will be doomed to fighting with everyone else around you for scraps of money, recognition and success. It will limit you in everything you do, in your professional pursuits and private relationships alike.

If you choose to grow beyond your ego, embrace a wider perspective and focus on the needs of others, you will benefit not only them but also (and primarily) yourself. 

To win, think win-win

The second path is not just more noble and beneficial to everyone, but also leads to far greater results for yourself. In this interconnected world that we live in, the more value we contribute, the more comes back to us. And the more happy and successful are those around us, the more happy and successful we are likely to be.

So if you are constantly thinking how to get ahead, earn more and be more successful, perhaps this is the time to reframe that question to how you can help others achieve those very same things in any way you are best predisposed to. 

Think about creating a win-win, or even better a chain or network of wins (win-win-win-…), where all the involved parties benefit, and they will be more willing to embrace your ideas, services or products. This will give you the good will and traction that you need to succeed.

Make everything better

Even if you cannot create a large win for everyone, embracing the win-win-focused approach in your everyday actions will lead to positive changes. Empathy, compassion and kindness will make the world a better place (even if only a tiny little bit), and will make you feel more free, valuable and content. 

Significant growth will likely follow, and you may unlock new opportunities, meaningful connections, greater happiness and success. 

If you are sceptical, try for yourself, and see – the results are guaranteed to surprise you.

Thanks for reading & good luck with your endeavours!

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Rafal Bergman
Rafal Bergman
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  1. Greetings! Very useful advice within this article!
    It is the little changes that make the biggest
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